A belated Halloween party

November 3, 2012

Field assistant Dave Routeldge and Terry (right) at the Rothera Research Station Halloween party.

Terry writes:

After breakfast in the tent, we broke camp, and then piled into the tractor with another group of campers, leaving Ian, Mike, and Mike’s Aberystwyth University post-doc Bethan to do a full day of Mountaineering Training. The three of them will be spending the rest of November and most of December doing fieldwork reconstructing the glaciological history of Ablation Valley on the East coast of Alexander Island on George VI Sound.

After getting back to the station, I did laundry, called Sue and her dad Red at his 90th birthday in Arkansas, retrieved my computer and electrical equipment, downloaded pictures from my cameras, and, most importantly, assembled my costume for the Halloween party that evening. The “fancy dress” room upstairs in Old Bransfield had just what I was looking for: black, elegant, glittery but still understated, except possibly for the shiny cowboy boots. My only slight disappointment was that I had to settle for a cotton rather than a leather skirt.

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