Punta Arenas to Rothera Research Station

October 31, 2012

Looking out to the west on the Dash-7 about 20 minutes before landing in Rothera Research Station.

Terry writes:

I attended a short Dash-7 flight briefing at the Almagro with my twelve fellow passengers. Then they all piled into two vans, while I got VIP treatment again as the sole US Antarctic Program/DAMCO passenger to the Punta Arenas airport, this time with Octavio and a driver. The four-hour flight to Rothera was uneventful until the final half hour or so when the Antarctic Peninsula and Adelaide Island sea ice, glaciers, and mountains came into view and people crowded around windows to take photos.

Got off the plane. Shook hands with Clem Collins, the aircraft operations chief who I had met during my previous visit to Rothera in January and February 2010. Following a brief orientation meeting, I touched base with science liaison Tamsin Gray, met my designated field assistant Malcolm Airey, and moved into my room in Giant house. My roommate is Mike Hambrey, who works with glacial geomorphologist Neil Glasser. I am to share a science office in Old Bransfield with Daniel Farinotti, who will also be doing GPS and radar work on Scar Inlet as well as on Starbuck and Flask Glaciers.

Took a short walk around the point and took a few photos. Lots of snow on the ground and lots of sunshine here. Got training all day tomorrow and part of Friday.

Rothera station looking north from the top of Memorial Peak during my walk around the point.

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