Miami to Santiago to Punta Arenas

October 27, 2012

Terry writes:

Slept a few hours on the eight-hour flight to Santiago. I arrived a little over an hour before my scheduled departure to Punta Arenas. I located Jimmy, my DAMCO facilitator, after a few minutes of waiting in line. He performed his usual magic, waiving me through immigration, customs, and baggage transfer. Luckily I was his only customer that day, so I made my flight just as boarding had started.

Arrived in Punta Arenas on time, at 2:00 p.m. local time. Picked up by a DAMCO representative named Marcella and a contract driver and was whisked to Hotel Diego de Almagro.

While unpacking, I discovered that I had left my mittens in Boulder and my MP3 player (containing several books lovingly downloaded by Sue) on the Punta Arenas flight. Went for a one-hour windy run, showered, and went to the hotel dining room for dinner where I found a table of ten Brits. All the men were on the British Antarctic Survey Lake Ellsworth drilling team. The lone lady was Karen Fowler, a Rothera communications assistant who should have left on the Dash-7 flight south Sunday morning, but had a slight cold, and so was resting and waiting for my flight.


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