Happy New Year

January 1, 2010

Rob Bauer has returned to Boulder, while Ted, Terry, and Ronald Ross are preparing for the main LARISSA cruise, which starts around January 1st.

Ted writes:
Things are going well in Punta Arenas. Ronald and Terry are setting up an electronics lab area to test the AMIGOS systems prior to deployment. I’ve got the GPS boards just about figured out, but we still need to integrate them into the AMIGOS stations. These are new single-board, highly miniaturized full GPS systems from TopCon (GRS-1 boards) that offer dual-channel centimeter-level precision in the size of a small calculator (and energy use of one as well).

The helicopter pilots seem like they’re ready to fly us where we need to go, but the ice conditions may be challenging.  The sea ice is starting off quite heavy this year on the east side of the Antarctic Peninsula (western Weddell Sea), and the embayments that we wish to visit are still clogged with fast ice.

Our camping and science gear takes up about two-thirds of a semi truck trailer (a mil-van in sea cargo parlance). The other third is oceanography equipment for another scientist, Bruce Huber of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO).

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